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Resolved: Nv Real Estate Academy - Brutally deceptive

Thank you for letting us know about your initial concerns, which allowed us to get you back on track and show you what we are made of. Thank you also for amending your review on Aug 18th to a positive one. We very much appreciate that. It was our pleasure to help you. RespectfullyNick Vertucci NVREA MISSION STATEMENT The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is committed to changing the real estate training industry with outstanding instruction and coaching, superior customer service and above all, integrity. “Since our inception in January 2014, we have been servicing real estate students with the very best real estate training, customer service and communication this industry has ever seen. NVREA has always come from a place of service to our clients and will never stop using that successful business practice.Relationships and trust are built over time and with action will always strengthen, especially when our clients see how we act in those tough times. With our desire to be the best in the business, we are accomplishing our mission. Whether you only join us for a free introductory class or become one of our highest trained students, you are important to us. Our reputation matters and in this day and age of technology it is hard to address reviews based on pure conjecture or perception. If you have a legitimate concern and/or complaint we encourage you to contact us directly at 800-328-6418 or and allow us to help you directly. Allow us the ability to fix your issue or hear your concern.” – Nick Vertucci
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Nv Real Estate Academy Seminar
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Bad quality

Update by user Aug 18, 2016

A man from the company called me, listened to me, understood, and apologized for my experience. They/he really went out of their way to make things right.

I am really impressed with the way this gentleman responded with immediate call to action and had an immediate solution for me. I have since changed my view point and discussed going on the bus tour in the fall. What this company/gentleman did to set a new experience was outstanding and that is the way a good company responds.

Virtual high five! Excited and with a renewed opinion, I am ready to go on the bus tour!

Original review posted by user Aug 15, 2016

Myself and a friend went to the free flipping workshop in Calgary Alberta Canada July 28, 2016. They discussed a 3 day workshop for $599 CND for myself and a guest.

I paid and received my books and cds. We went August 12,13,14. We didn't go the last day because this workshop is a complete joke. The main speaker had NO clue about Canadian rules, laws or EVEN the websites for information.

Talking about increasing credit cards to buy a house for $200,000 with that money on your credit cards but not talking about how you would have to pay back the 10 cards you needed to buy the house with or renovate. Teaching us the "way" to phrase things and the specific language to use to the banks to get increases. The "legal" way to use Square Register to take money of your credit cards from a business merchant account and swipe your personal credit cards to get the money off of your credit cards. This guy was so slimy is was gross.

I and a few other people corrected him quite a few times about certain information the very first day and the second day he was getting roasted from the crowd for all the mis information given. It was offence that this company would come to Canada and pitch flipping real estate, make reference that the principle used in this company can be used anywhere in the world (US or Canada mainly) but not have ANY clue about our Country. I had my hand up to ask/discuss how the closing costs in the USA vs Canada were vastly different and had thousands of dollars in differences and I was shut down before I could finish my sentence. He called me analytical, challenging and dismissed my intention to discuss this.

He paraded around saying was studying to be a lawyer, an accountant, he was a pastor, a marriage councillor, owner of 3 corporations, and spent 48 weeks of the year in the air travelling. I would say that a lawyer or an accountant are especially analytical The guy was so OBNOXIOUS and phoney it was hard to even listen to. The premise for this workshop is to ONLY get you to the bus tour and to sell sell sell and sell the "sizzle" of $40,000.

Seriously?? To get your RE license is only $5,000. I felt like I was at a timeshare presentation. It was a waste of time, learning absolutely nothing that is remotely useful in flipping houses.

It was all geared towards generic information that you could have gotten from the internet. A total waste of money and time. I should send them a bill for my time. I decided to leave on the second day at 3pm because I couldn't take anymore of the time filling conversations and information that he was giving.

As I left one of the coaches ran out and said "hey, are you in or out?" I said "in or out of what?" he said "the bus tour for $40,000 and you get to bring someone for free!" I said "most definitely out!" I would like a refund.



Thanks for the comments from all of you!


That's what I figured, thanks for sharing and saving my time.


Hello Mr. Nick - I and my wife went to your Ottawa event and really didn't know what to expect.

We read and saw some negative things but still wanted to check things out ourselves. We have been to many other events, but none like what we saw this past weekend. Gene Dinger and his people were very kind and committed to our success. The way Gene spoke and the energy he had kept us focused.

We noticed that half the class seemed to be moving forward; and the one's that weren't, didn't get treated any different. That was impressive!

Gene and his people have sincerely changed our views not only on real estate, but on life. I am forever a changed man!

Thank you for allowing Gene and his people to share and educate us here in Ottawa.

Warm Regards,

Mike R.


I also attended the Ottawa event last weekend and I only have good things to say. Gene and the team were awesome!

Having Donna, a Canadian on the team really helped answering questions and conerns that we had being a Canadian and doing business in the States.

You all Rocked!

See you next month on the Bus Tour,

Rachelle L.


Sorry you didn't go all 3 days. I feel if you're comparing getting your/a realtor license to real estate investing.

You missed on what NVREA program is all about. There were lots of people there from Canada on the bus tour and they got all their questions and concerns resolved.

It's truly a great program!!! Sorry you did not have a good experience.


Sorry you missed the bus! We just finished the bus tour!

It was everything we wanted and more! The staff was extremely informative, respectful, friendly, and honest. You can't become anything successful without an education.

This by far the best academy I have been to.


I'm also from Canada and I can honestly say Nick Vertucci's August bus tour delivered what they said they would. I'd go as far as saying they exceeded my expectations.

Although you say they weren't able to answer your Canadian questions. Keep in mind they're based in the US. When questions like yours arouse at the bus tour there were professionals on board that were able to answer. It might be a good idea to be slow to judge next time and be patient.

Might have just lost out on the best training of a life time.



Totally understand what you are saying! I was at the training in Calgary and it was less than ideal and a hard sell to get you to the bigger training. I have been in real estate flipping for a while now and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone I know.

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Nv Real Estate Academy - Seminar Review from Tustin, California

NVREA is legit. Been through other RE training companies. This is the first one I can say is what they say they are. Honest with integrity. Their training is really good. And network and support is invaluable. If you're looking to invest in RE this is the place to train you. I would recommend !!!
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Tustin, California
Nv Real Estate Academy Seminar
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Good quality